As reported by the National Road Transport Commission through a statement, they have suspended the lockout called for December 20, 21 and 22 after reaching an agreement “in extremis” with the Government, highlighting the prohibition of participation by the driver in loading and unloading operations. A point that was erected as a historical vindication of the sector.

It has also been possible to halve the waiting times after which the carrier will be entitled to compensation, as well as the treatment of drivers at loading and unloading centers.

Likewise, a commitment has been achieved to include in a mandatory way in the Law, the clause of stabilization of the price of diesel in the transport contracts, without the possibility of an agreement to the contrary.

Regarding the possible increase in the load capacity of the trucks, the carriers seem to have relaxed their position and accept that any modification is made progressively and only in certain transport specialties, always with the participation of the CNTC, which highlights that This measure is focused on “Sustainability and efficiency” and makes clear the commitment of the transport sector with the improvement of the environment.

Fuente: Communiqué from the CNTC Goods Department.


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