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One of the services we offer at Alianza Logistics is cross trade transport, an international transport solution that focuses on managing shipments to and from anywhere in the world, without the need for the shipment to pass through the country of the originator/intermediary. These types of operations usually involve three or more parties, so it is vital to protect the identities of all parties and to manage the documentation correctly and efficiently.

This service is particularly useful for companies wishing to ship goods to countries where they have no physical presence, or for companies wishing to simplify their international supply chain. At Alianza Logistics, we offer customised cross trade transport solutions for each of our clients, ensuring that their specific needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Our cross trade transportation services include managing customs documentation, arranging land and sea transportation, coordinating insurance, and monitoring the shipment from inception to final delivery. We have an extensive network of partners around the world, enabling us to offer cross trade transport solutions in virtually any country or region of the world. | 627621350

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