The meaning of LCL refers to the acronym “Less than Container Load”, also known as LCL shipping or groupage. This term refers to the transportation of goods that do not meet the minimum requirements for a full transport container. These goods will be combined with other loads to fill a container and send them to their destination. LCL shipping is commonly used to transport goods and products from one place to another economically and efficiently.

The meaning of LCL is best understood when considering the advantages it offers. These advantages include lower shipping costs, access to global markets, lower inventory costs, better delivery times, and greater overall flexibility. Compared to other shipping methods, LCL shipping offers these advantages because it allows companies to share the same shipping container with other companies, rather than paying for an entire container. Additionally, LCL shipments allow for the transportation of different types of goods, such as heavy or bulky materials, fragile and perishable items. This makes it an excellent option for companies looking to transport a wide range of goods through international channels.

The True Meaning of LCL

The North American Intermodal Association defines LCL as “the transportation of goods from an origin point to a destination point via a carrier that charges by unit, usually by weighted volume”. In other words, when a shipment is labeled as LCL, it means that the transported goods do not meet the minimum requirements for a full transport container, or alternatively, the impact of the cost of transport in a full container would be considerable.

Instead of paying for a full container, the company shipping the goods must pay the carrier based on the volume or weight of the shipment. This is typically done per unit, and the carrier generally charges a fee for each cubic meter or ton of product shipped.

The carrier then combines these shipments with others until they have enough to fill a container and transport them to their destination.

Choosing the Right LCL Shipping Provider

When shipping goods via LCL, it is important to choose the right carrier. There are many carriers specialized in LCL shipping, so it is important to find the one that suits your specific needs.

At Alianza Logistics, we specialize in this type of maritime transportation. Additionally, we are members of the world’s largest global network, WCA Network, which allows us to manage our clients’ transportation anywhere in the world.

In parallel with managing this transportation, we also offer cargo insurance (ad valorem); import and export customs clearance and management; and finally, we provide storage, handling, and distribution services for the merchandise.

In conclusion, for companies looking to meet their commercial and industrial requirements, LCL shipping is an important option to consider. By choosing the right carrier and preparing the necessary documentation, companies can ensure that their goods arrive at their destination safely and efficiently.

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