Consolidated marine transport

Our Consolidated Marine Service (FCL/LCL)

At Alianza Logistics, we know how important it is for your company to have a reliable and efficient maritime transport service. That is why we offer our consolidated maritime transport service (FCL/LCL), the perfect solution for those clients who want to consolidate loads from different suppliers in the same container, thus improving the use of resources and reducing the risk of damage to the goods compared to LCL shipments.

Our warehouses have several certifications with which we can handle different types of goods, and we also carry out exhaustive KPI analysis to ensure that the times and handling comply with the expected quality.

At Alianza Logistics, we ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination safely and on time, thanks to our extensive network of agents and our experience in the sector. In addition, we provide you with a comprehensive service, from the storage of your goods to customs clearance and final delivery.

Rely on us to transport your goods by sea and grow your business with the security and peace of mind we offer at Alianza Logistics.

Contact information: | 627621350

Consolidated Maritime Transport Budget (FCL/LCL)

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