Connecting the world
in a sustainable way

Sustainability is ingrained in our company DNA and we promote projects with the goal of fostering change in our sector to more responsible practises, and generating shared value among society.

Our sustainable strategy is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) promoted by the United Nations, making a positive impact in various areas.


EcoVadis Certificate

In 2023 we have achieved the EcoVadis Silver Certificate, with a score of 66/100 which places us in the top 25% of companies. This achievement demonstrates the commitment to promoting responsible business practices that we have been undertaking since 2009. Specifically, activities and policies where we improve environmental management, human rights, ethical performance and labour practices, among others.

Trees planted

Kg CO2 absorbed

Sustainable Logistic

In 2021 we started the process to obtain the “Calculate and reduce” seal of the National Carbon Footprint Registry. To offset these emissions we have been working on a plan to encourage reforestation and desertification of the land. For them we have created the Bosque Alianza together with the Town Hall of the town of Alameda, in Malaga and Folia Project

Corporate Social

Responsibility Actions 2023



We are committed to quality employment and we strive to offer our team a work environment that encourages their well-being, their work-life balance, their stability and their development.


We offer very competitive remuneration conditions in all positions.

Job stability

90% of our staff has an indefinite employment contract.

Labor flexibility

We are firmly committed to adapting the working day to the needs of each person, so that family and work life can be reconciled.

Teleworking: Hybrid model

We implement this modality, taking into account the current situation and betting on a work model based on responsibility and trust.

Equality plan

We have an Equality Plan that ensures fair treatment as well as non-discrimination in any of its forms. These commitments govern all of our activities and are guaranteed at all levels. At Alianza Logistics there is no salary gap between men and women.

Initial and ongoing training

All employees who join Alianza Logistics have initial training that is later complemented by a Mentoring Plan, supervised by the Human Resources department. In addition, we offer continuous training taking into account the needs and interests of each employee in their job.

Professional development

We offer the opportunity for career growth, we have implemented a Professional Development Program, which in turn has a series of incentives that motivate the employee and seeks to retain talent in our company.


Caring for the environment at Alianza Logistics is always on our minds. We take into account that it is the space in which we interact with nature and what is artificially created by human beings, that is why we are committed to environmental sustainability and thus try to have the least possible impact on the planet.

Carbon Footprint certification and monitoring

We calculate and offset our carbon footprint by planting a forest. Our aim is to monitor this and continue to combat it.

Low Emission Transport Procurement

Commit to working with transport providers that guarantee low CO2 emissions.

Save paper

All documentation management is available to the entire company online, thereby saving paper.

Energy saving

Our offices use energy-efficient led bulbs, which involve minimal consumption, with the corresponding environmental benefit.

Separate waste collection

We carry out the separate collection of packaging and paper, as well as other highly polluting materials such as: printer toners, photocopiers and batteries.


In order to make the team aware of the need to recycle, in 2018 some paper, packaging and glass bins were incorporated in all branch offices.

Collaboration in green initiatives

Every year the company joins in on “Earth Hour”, an initiative also promoted by the environmental NGO WWF.

Reusable packaging

The willingness to get rid of plastic in our offices has already started to have a vital impact on our sustainability policies. In our case we say “no to plastic” and we substitute all plastic cups for glass bottles and paper cups.


We advocate and collaborate with different solidarity projects by promoting our own awareness campaigns with different NGOs, entities, or groups at risk of exclusion.

Humanitarian Aid Turkey and Syria

We have organised transport with company-funded humanitarian aid to the epicentre of the earthquake and Syria.

Collaborations with Food Banks

We have collaborated with Banco de Alimentos to help them in their projects to support different groups of disadvantaged people by transporting pallets of food throughout the Valencian Community.

Solidarity action of pallets of food to carriers

Alianza Logistics made available to all carriers that passed through the in Massamagrell Orange Mediterranean logistics centre (Valencia) several pallets of food and all the possible amenities so that they could rest and clean up during the coronavirus crisis.

Collaboration with Almenara City Council

We have partnered with the Almenara city council in the purchase of 4,000 masks and hundreds of kilos of staple food to help the most vulnerable groups and overall the people who need it most, especially those affected by the emergency of the pandemic.

Masks for workers, customers, and suppliers

We provide all workers, customers, and suppliers of the organisation, mask that are certified against the spread of the contagion Covid-19.

Collaboration with hospitals and schools

Alianza Logistics every year, in the month of December, carries out activities in different schools and hospitals, this year we filled the hospital with joy and gave gifts to hospitalised children at the hospital of Sagunto in Valencia and we also visited the boys and girls from the Castell Vell school in Castellón dressed as Santa Claus and his elf.

Sponsorship of Sports Events

Collaboration, dissemination and awareness of sporting events together with Almenara Town Council.

For a
better society

Alianza Logistics is a company with an interest and desire to be part of a society where every day is better for people and the environment, so we believe we have an obligation to contribute to projects that allow us to achieve this goal.

We are convinced that the numerous actions that we have been establishing each year have contributed to an improvement in our activity.

That is why in the future we will continue to minimise our activity in the environmental area as much as possible, contributing in turn to improving people’s lives.

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