On 26 January, Economía 3 organised a round table debate on Transport and Logistics, with the aim of highlighting the importance of this sector as a fundamental pillar of the economy and to give a voice to the companies that operate in it.

Vicente Aguilar, CEO of Alianza Logistics, was present at this event along with other colleagues from the sector: Manuel Ríos, general director of Transport and Logistics of the Regional Ministry of Environment, Water, Infrastructures and Territory; Arturo Monfort, head of Port Planning and Development of the Port Authority of Valencia; Miguel Marín, Sales & Marketing Manager of CSP Spain; Guillermo Ramón, Managing Director of Implica Corporate Finance; José Luis Peiró, coordinator of the Transport and Logistics Cycle at Florida Universitària; and Jesús Fajardo, manager of Triangle REM. Elisa Valero, managing partner of Economía 3, opened the round table highlighting the relevance of transport and logistics for the economy.

One of the reflections shared by our director, Vicente Aguilar, was: “war conflicts and inflation have had an impact on our operating costs. We have also faced difficulties due to the increase in wages and a decrease in demand, which we have compensated with greater commercial agility, especially in the fruit and vegetable sector“.


It is crucial to highlight the importance of these spaces for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Vicente Aguilar’s participation in this event not only allows us to share our vision and experience, but also to learn from other professionals in the sector and enrich our approach towards more innovative solutions.

We will continue to actively participate in this type of initiatives and events, thus contributing to the development and strengthening of the sector locally and globally.


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