As a transport company, we organize the transport of a client’s goods by road. We always give a flexible service, covering the needs of the client, providing the greatest confidence and that is why we say that it is a service with added value.


Alianza Logistics is a company in which the word commitment is in our business DNA, trying to improve the logistics sector, always giving a wide coverage and above all working with people who follow our values, which are respect, honesty, commitment and especially teamwork. 


We believe that the development of the company must be under an ethical responsibility and with a high quality in the services we provide, adapting to each of our clients by offering flexible solutions.


Among the wide range of services we offer we can highlight the following 


  • Groupage exports from Spain to Italy, full loads from Spain to Western and Central Europe and groupage from the whole Mediterranean basin to Perpignan. 
  • Domestic traffic is one of our strong points, connecting with any point on the Iberian Peninsula with efficiency and agility. 


In all of these it is worth highlighting the unlimited availability of loads, having the latest refrigeration technology, localisation and traceability control. 


We are a company with a national, import, export and intra-community road transport of dry and refrigerated cargo and export groupage specialised in fruit and vegetables from all over Spain and Europe. You can find your transport solution in the form on our website.

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