A good working environment within a company is essential for employees, and a happy employee is an employee who is eager to work and therefore more productive. 


Let us first define what we mean by work climate. This is determined by the emotions of the employees working in the company and is related to the corporate culture, the workplace and the behaviours and feelings of the people. 


We have already mentioned some of the advantages of having a good atmosphere within the company, but here we will highlight a few more:


  • Committed people: Having the feeling of being part of the company makes you feel proud of it, so you are committed and happy with what you do and where you do it.
  • Avoid conflicts: a bad working environment shows bad habits and behaviours, this makes the person disconnected from work and in turn negatively affects the relationship between colleagues. Therefore, a good working environment avoids possible conflicts between them. 
  • Higher productivity: the work climate directly affects a person’s productivity in the workplace, as a happy person works harder and performs better. 
  • Stress reduction: physical and mental health is closely related to the working environment, so it is important to encourage and support employees to have a good working environment.
  • Better relationships between colleagues: supporting a culture of respect, honesty and support between people in the company is key to making them feel comfortable in the workplace and maintaining a united team. 
  • Increased creativity: happy employees are animated with innovative ideas and come up with new approaches.


In short, fostering a good working environment is extremely important. Having good, open and honest communication, a pleasant working environment, recognising employees, providing flexible working hours, the possibility of family reconciliation, training and above all promoting a positive culture are all aspects that must be applied and we do everything we can to ensure that this is achieved. Alianza Logistics as a company that caters to the needs of its employees, we are always updating ourselves to make them feel at home. 


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