One of the lines of strategy on which we are focused is the digitalisation and improvement processes in the management of the company’s departments. In many cases, the automation of processes helps to reduce time and speed up all kinds of procedures, and this is what we have done to register customers and suppliers.


In accordance with the improvement of the website, we have taken into account the creation of two sections called “I’m a customer” and “I’m a carrier” so that customers and suppliers can register directly and at any time by following a few simple steps and attaching the necessary documentation.


This new digital process, which concentrates everything in the same point, is done in real time and directly, eliminating intermediaries, having access at all time to the status of the procedure and of course it can be done at any time and from wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection.


Finally, we are not only making things easier for our customers and suppliers, we are also speeding up the work of the people in charge of these procedures within the company and advancing in the company’s digitalisation processes.

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