With the arrival of Christmas, Alianza Logistics gives a Christmas touch to its Corporate Social Responsibility actions. On 21 December, one of its most emotional actions of the year was held. Every year, Alianza Logistics visits the Castell Vell Special Education Centre in Castellón. During the day, the centre’s educators give lessons on sustainability and Alexis Dasca, Alianza Logistics’ director of business development, performs a role as the well-known Father Christmas, but with an ecological twist.

Alianza Logistics has a Corporate Social Responsibility aligned with the SDGs

After the collection of letters and chocolate, all the children of the centre received a gift in the form of seeds for the creation of their organic garden in the courtyard of Castell Vell. These seeds will feed bees and other pollinating insects, as well as creating new life and helping the planet.

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In order to further promote this way of transmitting care for the environment, Father Christmas provided a few words explaining the current situation of the planet and the importance of caring for it.

Alianza Logistics has a strategy aligned with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. It is a company that wants to be part of a society that is better every day for people and the environment, which is why it believes in the need to participate in initiatives to achieve this goal.

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