The world of transport and logistics has traditionally been seen as a world reserved mainly for men. From the truck to the top management, the supply chain is a predominantly male-dominated sector.

Looking at the statistics, in the European workplace, 55% of employees are men while 45% are women in the transport sector. However, in logistics and transport, women occupy only 23% of the jobs, mainly in administrative areas. With the advancement of technologies, this percentage has been decreasing year by year.

According to various sources, the lack of talent and training is one of the biggest obstacles for companies to achieve their logistics goals. For many years, the transport sector has been associated with physical labour and long absences, which made work-life balance incompatible for families, particularly for women. Today, however, this mentality is only a social and psychological barrier.

Initially, these gender inequalities may seem daunting, but it is important to understand that it is not about competition but about joining forces to make the organisation successful for both the company and all its employees. At Alianza Logistics, success goes hand in hand with equality. That is why we have women among our senior managers and department heads. This is the case of Alicia Roig, Director of Operations and Marketing, who defends the company’s inclusive values and demands: “Fight for a world where we are socially equal, humanly different and totally free. Be persevering and it adds up”.

Today, the landscape is gradually changing and we are fortunate to be able to share that, at Alianza Logistics, women are present at all levels of management. Therefore, on the occasion of Women’s Day, we would like to share the names and the following quotes from women employees in different positions and departments.


As a sign of our commitment as a company, we have drawn up an Equality Plan.

-To guarantee equal treatment and opportunities for women and men in access, selection, recruitment, promotion, training and other working conditions.
-Guarantee equal pay for work of equal value.
-Eliminate situations of direct or indirect discrimination based on sex, especially those derived from maternity, paternity, the assumption of family obligations, marital status and working conditions.
-Promote the reconciliation of the personal, family and working life of the people who make up the company’s workforce.

We are committed to the commitment and development to achieve gender parity in the logistics sector. Always bearing in mind that people should advance because of their worth and performance, not because of their gender.

We hope, from Alianza Logistics, to achieve new objectives along these lines.

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