Transport agencies are companies that specialise in handling national and international shipments of goods. These companies provide a comprehensive service that includes planning, organising and transporting goods from one point to another. With a wide range of services and a global presence, freight forwarders are a valuable solution for those looking to move goods efficiently and reliably.

One of the biggest advantages of working with transport agencies is their ability to provide a personalised service. Agencies can advise their clients on the best transport options for their cargo and ensure that delivery deadlines are met. In addition, freight forwarders often have a wide network of contacts and alliances with other companies, enabling them to offer integrated transport services covering a wide range of destinations.Another important advantage of freight forwarders is the safety and security of goods. Freight forwarders are committed to cargo security and offer customised insurance solutions to ensure that goods arrive at their destination in the best possible condition. In addition, logistics operators such as Alianza Logistics have a team of logistics operators who constantly monitor shipments and resolve any problems that may arise along the way.
On the other hand, the freedom of schedules and economic savings are other benefits of working with a transport agency. Road transport is the only transport that offers greater time flexibility, as opposed to shipments by ship or train that follow rigid timetables.

Road transport allows the customer to make shipments during peak periods and holidays. As well as having a precise geolocation of their goods at all times thanks to the work of logistics operators.

In addition, the work of the transport agencies allows the creation of customised solutions for each customer and 24/7 service

In short, freight forwarders are a valuable solution for those looking for an efficient and safe way to move goods. With a wide range of services and a personalised approach, freight forwarders can help companies achieve their shipping goals effectively and efficiently.


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