For a few weeks, the Quality department together with the marketing department have been meeting with the ATM NATURA company for a new CSR committee.

One of the new goals for tackling pollution is to calculate the company’s carbon footprint and develop future actions to reduce or offset it.

But we are going to define more specifically what we understand by carbon footprint. This was born as a measure to quantify and generate an indicator of the impact that an activity or process has on climate change, beyond the large emitters. It is the set of greenhouse gas emissions produced, directly or indirectly, by people, organizations, products, events or geographical regions, in terms of CO2 equivalents and serves as a management tool to know the actions that are contributing to increase our emissions.

Once we know the amount of CO2 we emit, we will take action to offset or reduce this amount.

We are a company with the desire to be part of a society that is better for people and the environment every day, that is why we believe in the need to participate in initiatives that allow us to achieve that goal.

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