Yesterday, Tuesday 5 July, was held the fourth day of the Environmental Sustainability Forum created by the Association of Entrepreneurs Camp de Morvedre (ASECAM) and in which we have participated thanks to the invitation of Ms. Cristina Plumed Perez, president of the association. 


The aim of the forum was to establish round tables where the debate on climate change was generated. The topics of these round tables were:


– Round table on Circular Economy

– Round table on Sustainable Mobility

– Round table on Nature-based Solutions


Alianza Logistics had the opportunity to intervene, represented by the head of the quality department, María González, in the table of Nature-based Solutions together with the other participants, Roser Obrer, General Director of Public Works, Transport and Sustainable Mobility of the GVA, Bartolomé Nofuentes Councillor for Finance, General Resources and Public Enterprise, Public Safety and Mobility, European Projects and Innovation and Integral Water Cycle of Quart de Poblet and Josep Enric García Alemany, Partner and Director of Moov, mobility and transport consultancy. 


María González, presented the projects that we carry out to benefit the environment. She communicated our involvement in the calculation of the company’s carbon footprint and the creation of the Alianza Forest, in one of the areas where we are based and which was also an area affected by fires, for its compensation. 


On the other hand, he shared another personal measure, by the founder of the company, Juan Miguel Dasca Simón, which consists of planting fruit trees in Senegal. This project is cross-cutting, as by planting trees we continue to minimise the environmental impact, but we also contribute to action against hunger as they are fruit trees and we support the local economy. 


We are very grateful to have participated in this round table, to share our projects and thus encourage other companies to promote ideas to offset the impact we are making on the environment. 



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