Last Friday 17th June we had the opportunity to get together again, but this time in a much more special way. Until today, the main event to get together has been the traditional Christmas dinner, but we have changed the subject and this time we got together at the beginning of the summer. 


In recent years, due to the circumstances, we are experiencing changes and with it important advances that make us grow, therefore, this event has been differentiating. We had the opportunity to enjoy a very fun and emotional evening in the restaurant located in the city of arts and sciences, Contrapunto. 


We started with a welcome cocktail where the attendees greeted each other and talked to each other as it had been a long time since they had seen each other in person, as this time the people who are in other cities were delighted to come to the event. 


The dinner was an exceptional evening, starting with the food and the atmosphere. It had been organised so that during the dinner there were moments of laughter, introductions of new people, presentation of plaques to people who have been with the company for 10 years and of course the traditional speeches by management and business development management. 


But that’s not all, we continued with the same desire to have fun, to a private room in the discotheque L’Umbracle, where we enjoyed good music and dancing until the body could take it. 


In conclusion, it was a night with a wonderful atmosphere and we still have an emotional hangover. Thank you all for coming. 

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