June 17th was a very special day for us. At Alianza Logistics, we organise an event every year with the aim of bringing together all the members of our staff. We have more than 120 people distributed in different parts of Spain and even in Europe, so this day becomes a unique opportunity to meet again, strengthen our ties and promote the feeling of belonging to the company.

The day began at the Palau de les Arts i les Ciències in Valencia, specifically at the Contrapunt restaurant. There we had the opportunity to meet again with our colleagues from different departments and chat with those with whom we had not seen each other for a long time. We also enjoyed a pleasant coffee break.

At 12:00, Vicente Aguilar and Alexis Dasca gave a speech about the company, the evolution of the last year and its current balance. In addition, the “10 Years in the Company” awards were presented to recognise those who have been with the company for a decade. It was an emotional moment in which we wanted to thank each of the awarded colleagues, as well as their work. We also took the opportunity to remember our dear colleague Viviana, who sadly left us this past winter. Her presence and kindness will always be present in our team and in the hearts of all Alianza Logistics.

We then continued the day with a monologue by Andrés Madruga. His jokes and humour related to habits and personalities within the company made us laugh and kept us entertained. After the monologue, we headed outside Contrapunto, where we all had lunch.

Afterwards, Andrés Madruga surprised us again, but this time with magic tricks. After a short break and lunch, we headed to Mya where we enjoyed a concert by the band Cod Routers.

As the sun went down, we headed to the l’Umbracle terrace, where a cocktail-style dinner awaited us. After dinner, people could dance and enjoy the music of the DJs. At this point, the activities ended, although the music and the atmosphere continued. As the hours went by, people were saying their goodbyes and leaving the venue.

We can say that this last event of the company has left us with moments to remember and has contributed to strengthen our bonds. From the programmed activities to the surprises and reunions, everything helped to create an atmosphere of fellowship and celebration.

You can see the first part of the photos of the event in the following link: https://alianza-logistics.com/galeria/evento-2023/

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