Tecnologías Solidarias, TeSo, is a non-profit, non-governmental association (NGO) founded in 2001 in Valencia. All the members of this association are certain that the world we live in, can be better, so their main objective is to disseminate new technologies among disadvantaged social groups.


At the company, we want to help reduce the digital divide that affects these social groups, such as children living in protection centres. For this reason, we have donated 38 computers to the NGO Teso, as one of its main lines of action is the recycling of computers and it collects unused computer material to be used by other associations that do not have the appropriate means to do so.


With this initiative, we aim to reduce the digital divide which, in this crisis, has become even more evident, and which prevents many children from continuing their studies. The right to education is one of the priority rights that we have to protect in an emergency like the current one.


Inequality in the standard of living of the least advantaged social groups is also manifested in the digital divide, in access to electronic devices and the internet, which in this emergency has become evident: many children from vulnerable families or children living in the protection system do not have access to these resources. 


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