At last Alianza Logistics has been able to come together again to celebrate the epic summer lunch in all delegations. 

Time to share and get to know each other better, to strengthen ties, and to meet in a relaxed way. These were very emotional events and even more so on this occasion, after a very intense and hard year. 

This event seeks to thank the effort and good work of the employees,  to take them out of the day to day, with a very pleasant atmosphere. There were fun moments with music, anecdotes, surprises, details, music and a toast with the team.



The company looks after the health, well-being, growth and happiness of its employees. For this reason, it takes care of those aspects that contribute to the personal and professional wellbeing of its employees. Its concern is focused on professional evolution, growth and development. It also has training plans for each job position. 

Alianza Logistics is also concerned about the physical, mental and nutritional health of employees, incorporating new actions to adapt to the changes of this “new normal” and focus on a better balance in order to enjoy a fulfilling life.

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