After threats to resume the strike in road transport, through a video on social networks of the Platform in Defence of the Transport Sector, its president Manuel Hernandez yesterday assured that it will not be reactivated as it has been decided by the vote in the provincial assemblies. 


45% of transport professionals voted NO, another 41% voted YES and 14% stood aside and joined whatever the majority decided. This resolution has been influenced by the last minute proposal by the Ministry of Transport to the Platform.


The proposal by the Executive


To deliver to the Platform, the deletion of the Law that prohibits contracting at a loss in transport and that they will be included as a key factor for the development of the regulation by participating and contributing their position as basic carriers. 


In addition, they were given various documents on the progress of the law, with the commitment that the final text will be ready by 31 July, so that the legal acts to be approved and put into effect can begin. 


On the other hand, they affirm that this is not a step backwards, on the contrary, they refer to the relevance that the Platform has gained in recent months and that at any moment they see that the negotiation is not favourable, they will reactivate the strike.


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