The strike in the road transport sector, called by the employers’ organisations for 20, 21 and 22 December, in the middle of the season, is still on. Spanish Confederation of Freight Transport (CETM) is working to support freight transport and to improve the working conditions of drivers. 


Despite the fact that 85% of goods are moved by road by lorry and that, during the period of confinement, many realised the great importance of the work done by transport companies, it is still a forgotten sector. For this reason, transport associations claim that the only alternative left to them by the government to reach an agreement on better conditions is a strike at the end of December. 


In order to recover the economy of the country that is affected by this problem, throughout history, transport associations have been creating a list, claiming the most urgent issues to achieve the survival of the companies in the sector.


Some of these petitions: 

  • the prohibition of the carrier’s participation in loading and unloading; 
  • the mandatory application of the diesel price review clause; 
  • maintenance of commercial diesel and reduction, from three months to one month, of its repayment period; 
  • reduction of waiting times and mandatory compensation; 
  • non-application of the Eurovignette; 
  • a reduction in drivers’ social security contributions for accidents, bringing it into line with the accident rate; 
  • reimbursement of the backlog of the health cent; 
  • not use the extension of maximum weights and dimensions as a bargaining chip.


In order for these claims to be approved by the state, CETM has called a transport strike, so that it is valued as it deserves and that the government seeks real solutions to avoid its destruction. The aim is to raise awareness that if transport stops, so does everything else. 


Less than a week after this stoppage, a slow march with the slogan “SOS Transporte: El transporte dice Basta ya” (SOS Transport: Transport says Enough is enough) was held on Wednesday 15th in the Community of Madrid and in other Spanish cities to demand progress in the negotiations.

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