On 14 June, the president of the Platform in Defence of the Transport Sector, Manuel Hernández, made a video public on social networks announcing a possible reactivation of the road transport strike, if the law to which the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA) committed itself is not activated on 30 June.


In the video he denounced the disappointment of having been displaced unexpectedly and at the last minute, the meeting to which they had been summoned with the Director General of Land Transport, Jaime Moreno Garcia-Cano and without having organised a new one. For this reason, he affirms that the Platform is beginning to reactivate the stoppage in freight transport since, in his words, “all this is doing is fanning the flames”.


Despite the fact that on Monday 13 June, the Ministry of Transport presented the new Transport Chain Law to the CNTC and the latter demanded that it should specify as soon as possible the economic measures to be implemented on 1 July and thus mitigate the escalation of fuel prices, the Platform will only accept as valid the agreements signed by the organisation itself and will not accept the agreements with the CNTC and the Ministry. 


After the agitation in the social networks and the call by the president to call new stoppages, on 16 June they met with the director general of MITMA to discuss the demands and the fulfilment of the commitments made last March, but apparently they were not satisfied with the explanations they received during the three-hour meeting. For this reason, on 26 June, all the hauliers and drivers are going to meet to decide whether to proceed with the strike.

Image: www.diariodetransporte.com

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