A good leader must support his team and ensure that the duration of a difficult moment or crisis lasts for as short a time as possible. He or she is the key to helping people achieve the defined objectives previously established by the company.


In difficult times you need to reinforce, motivate and keep the team together. Here are some tips that can help you in times of crisis. 


Assuming reality and control of the situation is the first step in any difficult situation. For this, the ability to react must be very quick, to be able to take control and deal with it in the best way possible. Communicating what is happening, conveying transparency and security will make them feel good, calm and safe. 


Establishing common goals between the company and the workers is fundamental to encourage teamwork, as it is more necessary than ever. Meeting to monitor and evaluate results together helps workers to be more focused on their tasks. 


Maximise internal communication, opening new channels to keep employees informed of the situation so that they know first-hand what has happened. Make use of the suggestion box to raise concerns, opinions and ideas that can affect everyone. Knowing and listening to employees can make communication more fluid and clearer. 


Define an action plan, with objectives to be achieved and a strategy to be followed. Assign responsibilities to people so that the action plan is carried out, establishing realistic and achievable deadlines in the shortest possible time. 


You must delegate decision-making by trusting your managers. Trusting the company’s teams provides autonomy and optimises the performance of the people you trust. It is also advisable to expose the solutions when any error occurs. 

Last but not least, you must have a long-term vision and act ethically. The values with which you are going to act must be related to those of the company.

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