Logistics Day is celebrated on 16 February, a date that seeks to highlight the importance of logistics and its impact on the business world and society in general. Logistics is a key area in business management, as it is responsible for planning, coordinating and controlling the processes of storage, transport and distribution of products and services.

In Spain, the transport of goods by road is one of the fundamental pillars of logistics and commerce, and represents 90% of goods transport in the country. Trucks are the most widely used means of transport for moving goods, and their importance lies in their ability to reach any destination in Spain and Europe, thanks to the well-developed road network.

The road freight transport sector in Spain is essential for the country’s economy.

The road freight transport sector in Spain is essential to the country’s economy, as it is responsible for moving all types of goods, from raw materials to finished products and consumer goods. Thanks to road transport, goods can be delivered quickly and efficiently, helping to maintain the supply chain and meet market demand.

In addition, road freight transport in Spain has a large number of companies and workers, making it a key sector for job creation and economic development in the country. According to data from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, in 2020 the transport and storage sector in Spain employed more than 755,000 people.

However, road freight transport also faces significant challenges, such as increased road traffic, environmental impact and the need to renew and modernise the vehicle fleet. To address these challenges, the industry is working to improve the efficiency and sustainability of freight transport by implementing more advanced technologies and using more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles.

At Alianza Logistics Group we seek to integrate sustainability into every project we undertake with the aim of promoting changes in our sector towards more responsible practices, generating shared value for society.

Our strategy as a group of companies is aligned with the ten universal Principles proposed by the Global Compact and in turn contributes directly and indirectly to the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations in the framework of the 2030 Agenda, which seek to promote the sustainable development of our planet, understood from five dimensions: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships for change.

Our goal is to implement actions that, aligned with our sustainability strategy, contribute to the development and well-being of people, the environment and society in general.

In conclusion, World Logistics Day is an opportunity to highlight the importance of road freight transport in Spain and its fundamental role in the economy.

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