At Alianza Logistics, all departments are essential to improving our service. In this article we will talk about two of the functions of the quality department. This team is responsible for establishing the company’s strategic lines, obtaining certifications that support our commitment to service and the environment, and carrying out internal improvement processes, among other tasks. In particular, we will focus on the company’s strategic lines and quality certifications.

Firstly, the strategic lines are fundamental to Alianza Logistics’ adaptation and competitiveness in a constantly changing market. The transport and logistics industry is highly competitive and dynamic, and companies that do not adapt to changes in the market risk being left behind. Therefore, Alianza Logistics’ strategic guidelines allow companies to identify and address current and future industry challenges, thus maintaining a competitive advantage.

In addition, the strategic lines are important to align all the company’s staff around a common goal. By setting clear goals and objectives, Alianza Logistics can ensure that all employees are working towards the same direction, which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the company as a whole.

To develop its strategic lines, Alianza Logistics sets annual objectives that help them to move forward. Therefore, to ensure the best quality in its services, the quality department has designed the following strategic lines:

Maximum customer satisfaction by meeting their expectations.
Active listening and internal management of supplier and customer incidents.
Carrying out and defending audits.
Continuous improvement of processes and services.
Proactive attitude towards the safety, integrity and innocuousness of goods.
Application of corporate social responsibility in the environment.
Compliance with current legislation and established standards.
Ensuring the application of ethical principles in the contracting of customers and suppliers.
Promoting an anti-corruption attitude: transparency, confidentiality and vigilance.

Another of the functions of the quality department is to guarantee, by means of certificates, the quality of the company’s services and contributions to the environment. The company has 7 different quality labels. Below is a list with a description of all of them:

-One of the most important certificates that Alianza Logistics holds is ISO 9001:2021. This guarantees that the company complies with the quality requirements in its management and operations in order to offer optimal services to its customers.

-Alianza Logistics also holds the GDP Medicines certificate, which ensures that the company complies with the requirements of good practice in the distribution of medicines. This document is essential to ensure the safety and quality of the medicines being transported and distributed.

-Another important certificate that Alianza Logistics holds is the QS Scheme for Food. This legitimises that the company complies with food safety and quality requirements. This qualification ensures that the food that is transported and distributed is in a safe condition that preserves it in the best possible condition.

-Alianza Logistics is also SANDACH certified. The certificate allows the company to manage the transport of animal by-products from the moment they are generated until their final use, with the assurance that no risks are generated for human health, animal health or the environment and, especially, to guarantee the safety of the human and animal food chain.

-One of the latest certifications the company has achieved is the EcoVadis silver medal. This title demonstrates its commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. This seal evaluates the company’s management in terms of social, environmental and ethical impact, and the organisation achieved a score of 66/100 in the EcoVadis audit.

-With the IFS Logistics certification standard, the company ensures reliability, transparency and safety throughout our supply chain.

-Finally, Alianza Logistics also holds the TRAC certificate, which certifies that the company complies with the safety requirements for land transport of goods. This certificate is essential to ensure the safety of people and goods during transport.

In short, strategic lines and certificates are crucial functions of the quality department to ensure the company’s success in today’s market. In the case of Alianza Logistics, the strategic lines and the seals awarded guarantee the quality of the services offered, customer satisfaction and the quality of the services provided.

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