Today, 500 kilometers of conventional and highways located on 82 roads in 44 Spanish provinces, have a danger index ten times more than the national average.

And despite the fact that accidents in Spain have decreased in the last 30 years, 1,685 accidents and 2,523 victims have been registered on these roads.

According to the highway report, the most dangerous road section nationwide is located at KM 245 of the N-22 in the province of Zaragoza, where the danger index is 686 times the national average. Km 12 of the A-55 in Pontevedra is where the highest number of accidents has been recorded with 108 and victims with 194, but even so it has dropped so it does not appear among the most dangerous.

On the A-77 motorway in Alicante, specifically at kilometer 0, it reaches 100 accidents and 128 victims, followed by 95 accidents and 155 victims in km. 17 of the T-11 motorway in Tarragona.

Although the almost exclusive cause of traffic accidents has been attributed to the human factor, the condition of the roads plays a fundamental role in road safety. As the deterioration of the roads is due to the lack of investment by the administrations, the deficit of these infrastructures increases by 5.7% in two years. Finally, we leave you a list of the 10 most dangerous roads nationwide updated by AEA in 2021.

Zaragoza N-2 6.523,2
Jaén N-4a 3.512,5
Toledo N-400 2.757,4
Zamora N-122 2.165
Córdoba N-432a 1.893
Cuenca N-400 1.734
Castellón N-234 1.712,3
Zaragoza N-240 1.650,4
Burgos BU-12 1.449,6
Teruel N-234 1.245,3
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