The image of the traffic manager is indispensable in the transport company; he is the person in charge of keeping the team on the right track. 

Functions in this position should be clear and concise, and to this end there should be a series of “closed” tasks for them to carry out. In this way, we help to protect them from other activities that are not their competence and that only take time away from monitoring their work.

What does the head of traffic manage?

They are proficient in all transport and logistics resources and have a comprehensive relationship with all parties involved in transport. They must ensure full compliance with the rules and regulations set by the industry and their own company. Traffic managers can not perform all functions alone, but are usually accompanied by a team of professionals who manage individual teams. 

Teams normally perform separate functions depending on origin and destination (import and export) and by geographic zones or  by country. In this way, all the team leader’s instructions reach the last traffic operator along with the necessary mechanisms allowing him to monitor the transport activity in real time. 

Most relevant functions of the traffic manager

As we have indicated above, the traffic manager has a series of functions to carry out, the most relevant of which are listed below:

  • Leading: this is the most important function, with the duty to continuously check and follow up on the team in charge. 
  • Approval of suppliers: it must ensure the good performance of suppliers, controlling their quality.
  • Checking the departure of trucks: control of the departure of trucks both nationally and internationally, any manoeuvre that is not planned must be communicated to the team leader. 
  • Control of the team: Control of the personnel under his charge, carrying out HR functions.
  • Control the operational margin: you must study the transport costs and detect possible deviations that may occur.
  • Search for new routes: the strategic part is very important on a day-to-day basis to decide on new routes or current modifications. 
  • Activity reporting: must report regularly to the company’s management on all activities by carrying out activity surveys. 
  • Enforcing the rules: it is the duty of the team to ensure that all staff follow the rules in the working environment as well as in transport.

Traffic managers are the team’s compass to follow; the day-to-day running of the transport operation rests on this their shoulders. A bad choice can be a burden on the transport. 

Usually traffic operators become a team leader when they have acquired a good broad knowledge and have a very broad vision of the transport system.

Finally we must point out that the traffic manager also chooses to be a “psychologist” of the team, this is the most important part, the empathy of the traffic manager, as all people come to find a solution, support, understanding or knowledge. 

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