One of the main issues for people who accumulate many hours on the road, whether a driver or transport professionals such as carrier or roadside assistance workers, is the need to rest  in a service or rest area that meets a number of requirements. 


The characteristics that the rest areas must comply with so that these people can make their stops and combat fatigue and avoid drowsiness, are some of the following: security in the car park, 24-hour kitchen service with fresh and seasonal products, cleanliness in the facilities, especially in toilets and showers, mechanical workshop services, wifi, truck wash and, above all, that the prices of fuel and services in general are economical.


As we think this is essential, we have compiled below information on rest areas in Spain and Europe, taking into account safety, comfort, accessibility and cleanliness. 


  • Padrosa rest area. Open 24 hours a day, at Calle Barreiros 1, 17730 Llers in Gerona. It has free showers exclusively for drivers, internet connection, washing machines and dryers.
  • La Jonquera rest area. On the AP-7 motorway, km 7, 17700 Girona, with access on both sides. It is open 24 hours, has wifi, hotel, restaurant, supermarket and cash machine.
  • Truck Park rest area. Located in Montsany and Puerta de Barcelona. It has vibration sensors, night lighting, security cameras, restaurant, laundry, showers, wifi.
  • Rest area in England. It is in Ashford, in the county of Kent, about 30 miles from London. AIT Waterbrook Avenue Ashford Kent TN24OGB.
  • Rest area in Italy: Via Sandro Pertini 16, CP 25014 Castenodolo Brescia. It has 400 parking spaces, is open 24/7 and has showers, 24-hour food, laundry, regular cleaning of toilets and showers, wifi, electricity connection, sleeping facilities and even a meeting room. 
  • Rest area in Germany: Autohof Rosi’s Pilsting, at the address Hietzinger Wiesen 1, Pilsting-94431.
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