The use of the internet and digitalization is gradually increasing every year in companies. As this is an unstoppable process and the company that does not jump on the digitalisation bandwagon will become obsolete, it must be protected against cyber-attacks. 


Cybersecurity aims to protect the entire IT infrastructure, as well as the information it contains, against malicious attacks. Loss or destruction of sensitive information, digital espionage, blocking of computer equipment, etc., all these attacks that a company can receive and also entail economic costs and damage to the company’s reputation. 


Of course, even if we have a very good infrastructure, it is up to the users to use it correctly and securely, which is why we must avoid these common mistakes. 

  • Inappropriate use of passwords: using passwords that are too simple, reusing passwords on different devices or sharing them with unauthorised persons are very recurrent and difficult to eliminate faults that have a negative impact on security. 
  • Phishing: this technique consists of deceiving the user in order to obtain personal or banking data through fake websites of official institutions or banks that we consider to be highly trustworthy. 
  • Installation of software not supervised by IT staff: the installation of software must always be supervised and validated by a person qualified in this field. 
  • Software updates by qualified personnel.
  • Do not disclose sensitive information on social media or share it with people outside the organisation.


Identity verification systems, antivirus, firewalls, internal communication tools, the use of virtual private networks or an intrusion detection and prevention system are some of the security systems that a company must take into account for its business security, as well as educating people in the company to avoid attacks and to be able to act in complicated situations. 

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