Every day, and especially in recent years, we are facing adverse situations, which we must face and adapt to. This is why we have started to talk about business resilience. 


Resilience is the ability of human beings to cope with difficult adversities in life in an optimistic way, without neglecting feelings and emotions. It is considered as an emotional training to be able to cope with a difficult situation. 


Of course, this can be taken to the professional field, as business resilience is the capacity of a company to react to vulnerable internal and external changes and to proceed in the best way to the opportunities and threats that arise. 


It is therefore very important to bring resilience into the work environment and to enhance resilience among employees. Here are some important aspects to bring resilience to the professional environment:


  • Optimal leadership: if the company’s management knows how to lead in difficult times, together with the employees, it will be able to achieve the objectives and adapt to changes. 
  • Confident atmosphere: employees should empathise with the situation at hand, facing the challenge in a more energetic way.
  • Collective achievements: celebrating and sharing the company’s successes helps to build unity and commitment among the members of the organisation.
  • Be clear: the clearer the information the better in order to develop and meet the objectives perfectly.
  • Participation is important: encourage employee participation in difficult times and contribute ideas for achieving goals. 


In the road freight transport sector there are many factors to be taken into account, such as speed of delivery, cost, efficiency, safety, etc. and unexpected unforeseen events arise, so we always apply these important aspects to ensure the best service to our customers. 

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