Sustainability aims to ensure a balance between environmental protection, social welfare and economic growth. Sustainable development, therefore, relies on this process to protect the natural environment and to ensure that all people have access to equal opportunities. As we are a company that supports sustainability, this year’s Christmas action could not be unrelated to this theme.


On these special dates, we have always liked to collaborate with centers and hospitals to contribute to a more sustainable world. For this reason, on 21 December, the children at the Castell Vell special education center in Castellon received a very special visit. Alexis Dasca, Business Development Director at Alianza Logistics, wanted to give them the traditional Christmas presents in a different way, dressed in a green Santa Claus costume. In this way, he wanted to represent the importance of and support for a more sustainable world.


In addition, to further promote this way of transmitting care for the environment, sustainable Santa Claus provided a few words explaining the current situation of the planet and the importance of caring for it. He also gave each of the people present a seed card with the slogan “Because wishes that have roots grow stronger”. The aim of this action is for each person to write their wish on the card and then cut up the card, plant it, water it and wait for a beautiful flower to grow, which will help bees and other pollinating insects. 

On the other hand, it also set off for the Sagunto hospital, delivering the same cards and other gifts so that this year no one would be left without a sustainable Christmas gift.    

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