In the freight transport sector, you have to deal with inconvenience of delivery delays and damage to the cargo being transported. This is why accurate monitoring of the loading and unloading of goods is essential. 


Loading consists of incorporating the goods into a vehicle so that they can be transported. Unloading, on the other hand, refers to the removal of these goods at their destination. Therefore, the control of these two processes is aimed at ensuring that all of this occurs correctly. 


The problems that can arise when loading and unloading are insufficient parking spaces, so that drivers are forced to wait in places where they can be fined, have accidents or risk the load. Damage to the vehicle and time wasted, as this can cause inconvenience to the final recipient.


In order to prevent this from happening and to improve, the following indications can be made.  


Schedule loading and unloading in advance. It is essential to have all the necessary data to be able to plan the whole process. Take into account the restrictions on the circulation of certain vehicles. In addition, it is advisable to use digital tools that help with organisation. 


Group goods according to their category. It is essential to unify the typology of loads according to their size, the destination where they are to be unloaded or the delivery order. In addition, damage to other products is avoided if they are in contact with dangerous goods.


Verification of documentation. Documents must be in line with the cargo being transported to avoid legal problems or failures and it is also a preventive action that generates benefits. 


Training. The training of the people in charge of this process must be clear about the process to be followed, as well as being up to date on traffic regulations to prevent problems that may arise during the journey. 


Use new technologies. New technologies provide us with a good digitalisation of all the documentation processes to be followed, which speeds up everything. Apart from using innovative machines and robots, there are different data management applications that make activities much more efficient. 

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