Reefer transport, also known as refrigerated transport, is a specialised service used to transport products that need to be kept at a specific temperature during transit. These products may include foodstuffs, medicines, chemicals and other temperature-sensitive materials.

Refrigerated transport is carried out through the use of refrigerated units that are installed on trucks. These units use a refrigeration system to maintain the desired temperature throughout the journey. In addition, drivers must be trained to operate these vehicles and must follow strict safety standards to ensure the integrity of the cargo.

At reefer transport It is essential to ensure that the cargo is kept at the right temperature

One of the most important aspects of refrigerated transport is planning. It is essential to ensure that the cargo is kept at the right temperature throughout the journey, from the point of origin to the final destination. To achieve this, logistics operators must consider factors such as transit time, climate and the availability of refrigerated units.

At Alianza Logistics, we are specialists in refrigerated transport and offer a complete service that includes the planning, execution and tracking of cargo from origin to final destination. Our drivers are highly trained and our refrigerated units are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure the integrity of your temperature-sensitive cargo.

Overall, refrigerated transport is crucial to ensuring the availability of fresh food and medicines around the world. Without it, many products would lose their quality and would not be able to reach the people who need them.

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