Planning routes, opting for the automation of tasks and offering flexible deliveries while respecting the environment are some of the tips for companies to prepare their logistics for the final stretch of the year.

One of the biggest challenges after the holidays is to remain competitive in the face of adverse situations such as the rising cost of energy and fuel. From this point of view, it is essential to find ways that allow companies to reduce the price of their executions and, therefore, to moderate the transport route optimisation platform.

The logistics sector faces the last four months of the year with a very important role due to the different campaigns such as Black Friday, which starts in November, followed by Christmas and ends in January with the sales. This is a real challenge for retail brands.

Alianza Logistics would like to give you 5 key recommendations to help you prepare a good logistics strategy for your return from the holidays and face the last stage of the year in the most efficient way:

  • Good planning is crucial: planning a good delivery itinerary makes logistics more efficient by reducing the number of kilometres travelled. It simplifies the saving of fuel costs as well as working hours. Having good software allows delivery routes to be optimised, helps companies improve their planning times, costs and level of service.


  • Protects the environment: we should not only focus our efforts on economic profitability, but also on many other factors such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a concept of how companies are run based on managing the impact of their activities on their customers, employees, actions, local communities, the environment and society in general.To quote our company “Alianza Logistics is a company with an interest and desire to be part of a society that is better for people and the environment every day, so we believe in the obligation to contribute to projects that achieve this goal”.

We leave you to take a look at all our CSR actions with our CSR report:


  • Automation is the big bet of 2022: Automation in the logistics organisation in general is key to simplify processes and achieve efficient logistics.


  • Flexible solutions: Flexible delivery solutions are the most important aspect to achieve high customer satisfaction. Be aware at all times of where your order is by means of online notifications. This will facilitate the last mile processes to be managed quickly and completely.


  • An orderly and structured warehouse: Great coordination and organisation of space is essential in times of constant incoming and outgoing goods. It is important to delimit high-turnover stock areas and to classify products according to whether they are fresh, heavy or bulky.


There are very tense and busy times ahead in the world of logistics and this is undoubtedly the perfect time to implement these 5 strategic points, as the saturation of the transport sector in the coming months will be more than evident.

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