Every great company is not an accident, and continuous training is essential for success. Thanks to training, professionals acquire new knowledge and skills, and adapt to the latest developments in the sector.

Since its inception, Alianza Logistics has always been committed to being at the forefront of all changes in the logistics sector. In addition, it not only serves to improve the skills of employees, it also serves as an attraction to attract the best professionals and to retain talent in our large family.

The people management department leads the training of our company, but there are also other departments such as the quality department that are actively involved and carry out annual training, as we are invited to do by the standards in which we are certified (ISO 9001, IFS Logistics and GDP). In this way, we strengthen our internal talent, gain better control of processes and focus much more on customer needs.

Training motivates our employees and makes us:

– Have qualified staff.
– Improve productivity.
– Recycle and update knowledge.
– Optimise the use of applications and programmes.
– Adapt to the digital transformation.
– To build loyalty among internal talent.

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