We are very close to the beginning of the year 2022 and we wanted to give a very special gift and of course, ecological and sustainable. We have given out cards of honey flower seeds. These will feed bees and other pollinating insects and we will also be helping to create new life and care for the planet.  

For the company this is a different way to celebrate Christmas and at the same time help the environment and we want our customers and suppliers to do the same with us. The steps to carry out this action are very simple, starting with cutting the card into small pieces, then planting the seeds in a nice pot, watering it and giving it the love it needs to grow as strongly as possible so that the wish comes true. 


In 2021, we are more committed than ever to sustainability. We are not only doubling our actions, but we are also launching a sustainability report with GRI methodology, which will be published next year. One of the new objectives to tackle pollution is to calculate the company’s carbon footprint and develop future actions to reduce or offset it. 

We are a company that wants to be part of a society that is better every day for people and the environment, so we believe in the need to participate in initiatives to achieve this goal.

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