Penalties for overweight in freight transport are an important issue to ensure road safety and prevent damage to infrastructure. Vehicles carrying an excessive amount of weight are at risk of serious damage and reduced service life, which can be dangerous for both the driver and other road users. Penalties for drivers and owners of these vehicles are therefore necessary to prevent these risks and to ensure safety on the roads.

In addition to being detrimental to vehicles and people, overweight transport can also be harmful to infrastructure. Roads and bridges are designed to carry certain amounts of weight, and transporting an excessive amount can cause irreparable damage to infrastructure and endanger road users.

Penalties for overweight trucks can vary depending on the severity of the offence and the country or region where it occurs. In some cases, penalties include monetary fines, the imposition of driving restrictions or the retention of the vehicle until the regulations are complied with. In serious cases, they may also include cancellation of the driver’s licence or closure of the business. Below is a table of penalties for overweight lorries:

1. Minor offences
Penalties range from 301 to 400 euros. This type of offence is detected during the roadside commission of the offence and the vehicle will be immobilised until the reasons for the offence are resolved.

On M.MA. Total excess On axles
> de 12 Tm > 2,5% > de 12 Tm
≤ 12 Tm > 5% ≤ 12 Tm

Source: Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda

2. Serious misconduct
In this case, which is an intermediate sanction, the fines for overloading range from 801 euros to 1,000 euros according to the following criteria:

On M.MA. Total excess On axles
> de 12 Tm ≥ 10% > de 12 Tm
≤ 12 Tm ≥ 15% ≤ 12 Tm


3. Very serious offences
Exceeding the maximum authorised mass of vehicles or any of their axles by the following percentages is a very serious offence. Therefore, a fine of between 2,001 and 4,000 euros may be imposed.

On M.MA. Total excess On axles
> de 12 Tm. ≥ 20% > de 12 Tm.
≤ 12 Tm ≥ 25% ≤ 12 Tm


Finally, fines for overweight lorries of 3500kg are considered minor, serious or very serious penalties, according to the following range:

-Mild: loads of 3,587.5kg up to 3,675kg.

-Serious: loads between 3,850kg and 4,025kg.

-Very serious: loads of 4,200kg to 4,375kg.

It is important to note that while penalties for overweight transport are necessary to ensure safety on the roads, it is important that they are applied fairly. In other words, it is necessary to take into account the individual circumstances of each offence and to assess whether the penalties applied are proportionate to the seriousness of the offence. In addition, it is important that drivers and owners of vehicles carrying excess weight are aware of the regulations and the penalties applied.

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