In transport we can differentiate between partial loads, full loads and groupage, taking into account the transport time used in each of these types of transport, although full loads or FTL (Full Truck Load) is undoubtedly the most comfortable.

LTL (Less than a Truck) part loads consist of the collection of several batches of goods belonging to several customers to fill the capacity of one truck. By sharing the same space with other customers, there is a cost saving, making this method of loading perfect for companies with small volumes of goods. 

In contrast to full loads and groupage, which have a fixed route with one address, part loads have to make stops to pick up the goods and therefore go to more than one destination. 

Although it may seem strange, the reality is that part loads have great advantages, mainly for the end customer as it saves on transport costs. In addition, it optimises the management of loads, the carrier makes more profit by loading for more than one customer and it is an opportunity to access new markets. 


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