At Alianza Logistics, we strive to highlight and optimise our customs service, as we know that it is an unfamiliar subject that can lead to complicated situations.

As freight forwarders in Valencia, our commitment focuses on efficiency and reliability at every stage of the logistics process. We expertly manage the supply chain, ensuring a smooth flow of goods from origin to final destination. That’s why we provide advice and support: we are experts in regulations and legislation.

Our customs services as freight forwarders

Our Forwarding Division is composed of experts in the complexities of customs regulations and legislation. We guarantee a smooth customs clearance, facilitating the process for all our clients. Customs clearance involves a series of complex processes and specific regulations that must be followed to ensure the efficient and legal movement of goods across borders. Here are some key reasons why it is crucial to be well-advised when clearing customs:

Customs Regulations: Each country has its own customs regulations that must be followed for importing or exporting goods. A customs advisor will be aware of these regulations and can guide the company to comply with legal requirements.

Complete and Accurate Documentation: Proper preparation of customs documentation is essential and must be accurate. Errors in documentation can result in delays, fines, or even the detention of goods. A customs advisor will help ensure that all documentation is complete and correctly submitted.

Tariff Classification: The correct classification of goods according to the tariff system is crucial for determining applicable taxes and duties. A customs advisor can determine the proper classification, helping to avoid overpayments or issues with customs authorities.

Cost Optimization: A customs advisor can provide strategies to minimize costs associated with taxes, duties, and other customs expenses. This may include leveraging preferential trade agreements or identifying tariff reduction programs.

Risk Management: Customs laws and regulations are constantly changing, and penalties for non-compliance can be significant. A customs advisor helps manage risks by staying updated on regulation changes and ensuring the company complies with current norms.

Operational Efficiency: An experienced advisor can optimize the customs process, reducing clearance times and improving operational efficiency. This is crucial to ensure a smooth flow of goods and avoid delays in the supply chain.

Problem Resolution: In case of issues or discrepancies with customs authorities, a customs advisor can provide guidance and assistance to resolve problems efficiently and in compliance with regulations.

In summary, proper customs advice is essential to ensure compliance with regulations, minimize costs, optimize processes, and manage risks associated with international trade. The expertise of a customs advisor can make the difference between a successful customs clearance and potential problems that could negatively impact the company.

Additionally, at Alianza Logistics, we understand the importance of communication in modern logistics. Our system enhances visibility and tracking of goods by our customs agents, ensuring total control and transparent communication.

As a freight forwarder with a presence in major ports such as Valencia, Algeciras, and Barcelona, and the main Spanish ports, Alianza Logistics offers services such as order preparation and shipping, storage and handling of goods, packaging, inventory control, and distribution of goods. With our Forwarding, we also act as a logistics operator, designing, organizing, managing, and coordinating global supply chains from origin to destination in collaboration with our clients.

We combine our customs services with different modes of maritime transport such as Cross Trade, groupage, consolidated maritime transport, or full container load.

In summary, at Alianza Logistics, we offer comprehensive logistics services that exceed expectations. From land transport to customs clearance and maritime service, we operate in the main ports of Spain, providing worldwide maritime transport. You can check our customs and maritime transport services on the following link.

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