Today marked the ninth day of the goods transport stoppage, and despite the fact that the government, at last Monday’s meeting, offered 500 million euros to effectively reduce the price of diesel, Fenadismer, Fetransa and Feinta, the national federations, do not consider it sufficient for the stoppage to be abandoned.


These federations, members of the National Road Transport Committee, believe that the announcement of these measures by the government has been positive but at the same time scarce and that due to its failure to transmit security to the hauliers they are going to continue with the strike. 


Furthermore, they do not understand why the Spanish government is reluctant to be clear in announcing the money that is going to reach each haulier to deal with the rise in fuel prices, when in the rest of the countries around us, measures have already been put in place. 


Due to this strike, it is already taking its toll on large companies by delaying orders to customers and without being able to specify the times being extended by several days. Companies such as Volkswagen and Ford have also been forced to shut down due to insufficient supplies of some components. On the other hand, because of this stoppage and the war in Ukraine, the meat industry is being affected, leading to an unprecedented industrial crisis.

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