The year 2022 has marked a turning point in the world of transport. Global events such as the war in Ukraine and rising fuel prices have pushed the logistics sector to reinvent itself. Moreover, in this context, strikes in freight transport have encouraged the search for new solutions to meet the needs of society.

Alianza Logistics has thus taken logistics services to a more specialised level, offering more flexible solutions adapted to its customers. This improved performance is the result of a committed, responsive and fast team. The company’s experienced network and its wide geographical presence make it possible to provide time-critical freight services, one of the most sought-after activities in the logistics sector.

Time-critical freight services would not be possible without emergency logistics operators. These arise to cover any market need. At Alianza Logistics, we currently have 4 new services adapted to the changing times of the market: fixed, spot, express and on call.

Firstly, the fixed service offers the possibility of establishing fixed annual rates. On the other hand, the urgent transport service allows a volume of lorries to be positioned at the point where the customer wishes within 24/48 hours or, if possible, in less than 24 hours. Thirdly, in order to provide the best service at times of high logistics activity or on public holidays, Alianza Logistics has designed spot logistics assistance. This allows a hybrid price to be set between standard and express transport prices and, finally, enables the customer to choose the volume of trucks he needs. Finally, there is the on call service, which gives the customer the possibility to lend a volume of trucks for his use, at a rate per mileage.

In conclusion, Alianza Logistics stands out as one of the transport companies with the most adapted and personalised services for each of its customers, at all times.

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