Last Wednesday, October 13th, the inauguration of the renovated Alianza Logistics headquarters took place at the Trade Center building in Valencia.

We celebrated by creating a small lunch for all employees who were able to attend physically and for those who could not, they attended virtually thanks to a videoconference with the rest of the staff, where they could see in real time what was happening and talk to their colleagues.


With these new premises, he has taken the practice to a new office concept. They define exactly the new way of working that we have opted for. A model in which it is possible to choose, depending on circumstances, needs and responsibilities, whether employees come to work in the office or work from home.

It is a new approach to collaborative space, aimed at creating a working community in a new environment, focused on developing projects and actions to enhance creativity, innovation and collaboration of multidisciplinary teams between people working in the company, its customers and suppliers. 

The spaces are multifunctional and have a kitchen, a sofa area for lounging and chatting and a space for holding meals or catering. 

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