The Government approves the General State Budget 2023 with updates in the amounts of compensation for stoppage and damage in the transport of goods.

In the General State Budget Law for 2023, approved on 23 December, the amounts of the IPREM index (Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income) are updated.

New transport aid as compensation for losses, stoppage or damage to goods

For 2023, the amount of the IPREM rises by 3.6% compared to the last update in 2022, being fixed at a total of 20 euros. This amount is used as a reference for the calculation of transport subsidies both for vehicle breakdowns and for breakdowns in the transport of goods.

In this way, from 2023 onwards, new compensation will be established, both for vehicle stoppages and for losses and breakdowns of transported goods.

With regard to compensation for vehicle stoppages, accidents or breakdowns, there are different amounts per day.

During the first day of stoppage, the aid is set at €40 per hour. Excluding the first hour, the maximum amount of compensation is €400.

From the second day onwards, the initial compensation is increased by 25%, resulting in an amount of €50 per hour with a maximum of €500 per day.

And finally, from the third and subsequent days, the initial compensation is increased by 50%, resulting in a total of €60 per hour, with a limit of €600 per day.

On the other hand, the new General Budget Law also sets an amount of compensation for loss and damage to goods. The maximum limit for which the Government will respond is 1/3 of the IPREM, with a compensation of 6.66 €/kg gross transported.

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