We are giving more and more importance to health in our lives and not only focusing on eating well and doing physical exercise, but also on mental health. We are realising that the pace of life we are leading is faster than it should be and stress can affect our brain. A very healthy activity for the mind and increasingly practiced in society, although it is ancient, is MINDFULNESS. 


It is also known as mindfulness or mindfulness awareness. It is a method for achieving mindfulness, focusing on what is happening “here and now”. Concentrating on what is happening and knowing how to renounce noise and distractions, enjoying what you are doing in each moment leads to a more relaxed and peaceful state.


To achieve mindfulness you have to learn and there are different techniques that can help you to achieve it. Yoga, meditation, mindful breathing, body scanning, are some of the techniques that help you to achieve mindfulness. The aim is to achieve a deep state of awareness during the sessions of these techniques. 


How is it practised?


Here are some tips on how to practice the meditation technique. It is advisable to start with a few minutes a day, for 7 minutes and gradually increase it until you reach 30 minutes, which would be ideal.


  • Find your time of day: in the morning, before going to bed, after lunch…
  • Choose your most relaxed environment: free of noise, with a suitable temperature and that you feel very comfortable in.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Choose a relaxed posture sitting on the floor, with your back straight so that your breathing flows as smoothly as possible.
  • Focus on your breathing
  • Maintain a neutral attitude to the thoughts that arise.


As a company that focuses on people, we promote this technique, giving information for its practice and about applications that are easily downloadable on the mobile and to be able to make mindfulness a new habit in our lives. We hope that you will start practising mindfulness today and that the noise in your mind will diminish and you will have a calmer and more relaxed life. 

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