Road freight transport is one of the most widely used modes of transport and consists of means of transport that move over the earth’s surface either on wheels or on rails. 


Compared to other means of transport, road freight transport provides a number of advantages, for example, it is faster than other transport options, it is very safe and economical, it has greater versatility to transport any type of goods and it is the most flexible type of transport. 


Wheeled vehicles that are capable of moving over land are used, such as rigid trucks, trailers, road trains, mega trucks, open platform trucks, open platform trucks, tarpaulin trucks, refrigerated trucks, tanker trucks, closed trucks, car carriers, cage trucks or container trucks. Each one is classified according to the goods it can transport and in each country there are regulations to comply with. 


Similarly, road transport should be chosen when the cargo is not very bulky and when perishable foodstuffs, full loads or groupage are to be transported.


It also accepts a wide range of goods that can be transported by road. 


  • Metallurgy and construction 
  • Machinery
  • Automotive
  • Press
  • Advertising elements
  • Electronic devices
  • Feeding
  • Textile
  • Cosmetics


In short, road transport is the most widely used alternative for short distances in developed countries, due to its versatility and allowing for more flexible and economical delivery.

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