Road freight transport is a crucial activity for the global economy, but it can also be a challenging task for carriers and truck drivers. In addition to facing a variety of obstacles on the road, such as traffic and adverse weather conditions, they must also deal with safety issues, regulatory compliance and operating costs. In this context, logistics operators such as Alianza Logistics can improve the efficiency of road freight transport and make the trucker’s job easier. In this article, we will provide some best practices to help carriers and truck drivers improve efficiency in road freight transport.

Route planning and management

Proper planning and effective route management can help reduce transport time and costs, as well as improve safety and customer service. Logistics operators such as Alianza Logistics offer route planning and fleet management solutions that can help carriers optimise their road freight operation. In addition, it is important to take into account time of day, weather conditions and other factors that can affect route and delivery time.

Preventive vehicle maintenance

Keeping vehicles in good condition is key to avoiding costly delays and unexpected repairs. It is important to perform regular preventive maintenance, including oil changes, brake and tyre checks, among others.

Efficient use of fuel

Fuel is one of the biggest costs in transport. To reduce fuel costs, it is important to adopt efficient driving practices, such as maintaining a constant speed and reducing engine idling time.

Technology and telematics

With the geolocation tools in E-CRM, risks and errors can be minimised thanks to the possibility of real-time monitoring. In addition, it is also possible to find loads that are adapted to the characteristics of the vehicles, making it possible to obtain greater profitability on each journey.

In summary, road freight transport is a fundamental activity for the global economy, but it is also a challenging business that requires efficient management. Working as a haulier can be highly profitable, and logistics operators such as Alianza Logistics make the work of truck drivers quicker and easier.

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