It has happened to all of us to “wake up on the wrong foot”. Having a bad day or waking up with a feeling of sadness is normal. It doesn’t mean you’re depressed, it just means you’re having a bad day because of a feeling of apathy.

Happiness is a choice and even when something negative happens, focus on the positive things that are also happening to you. But let’s look at what we can do to solve the problem that is making you have a bad day.

Find the “reason” why we feel this way. The sooner you locate the problem that is making us have a bad day, the easier it will be to do something about it and start to see the positive side of it.

Turn the situation around. It is good to be aware of the mistake you may have made and to try to explain why you are feeling that way, but you have to assess whether it is logical to be in a bad mood because of that little aspect of your life.
It is good to analyse and realise if your thinking is right for you and not to torment yourself about it.

The important thing, when something happens to you that you don’t like in any area of your life or with someone in particular, is to put the problem right. To get out of the discouraged and sad part and look for the solution to the problem either by talking to the person or by putting all the necessary means in place for you to be calm.

It is good to see situations in perspective, to be aware of situations and to find a solution to be calmer with oneself, but sometimes this does not solve the moment of apathy in which you find yourself. In this state, excuses may appear to do nothing and let it pass, but the truth is that it is time to activate and take action to change the mood.

Setting yourself a challenge, looking for something new to do that day, rewarding yourself from time to time for something are ways to take care of yourself and make the day look clearer and take away the importance of what has happened.

We hope that these tips will help you to change the way you react to the problems that arise in your day to day life.

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