In the transport of goods, it is very important that the cargo arrives in perfect condition, as one of the main objectives of this sector is that both the sender and the final receiver are satisfied with the service provided. 


Therefore, in order to prevent damage to the goods we transport and to avoid risks, it is essential to carry out a series of recommendations to ensure successful transport.




  • Pre-shipment tests are essential to check that the service is correct and meets the needs we are looking for. In addition, the characteristics of the product to be shipped are checked and the strength of the packaging is also evaluated. 
  • The product must be well protected, so the packaging must be in good condition, allowing good visibility of the labelling, be resistant for easy handling and the material must be suitable for the type of product being transported.
  • Have impact, leakage or vibration indicators to check for any problems that could damage the goods.
  • Avoid leaving empty spaces as this can be a problem. The placement of the packages should be strategically thought out in order to have a good uniform and compact distribution. 
  • Proper road safety must be ensured. Braking, excessive lateral tilting or sudden movements can cause falls, shocks or vibrations and, apart from causing an accident, damage to loads.


In summary, although it is inevitable that all goods will arrive intact at their destination, following these recommendations can prevent a lot of damage and provide an adequate service.


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