Logistics for Black Friday: the big challenge facing organizations in the near future. Every year preparing in advance for the Christmas campaign or important events is a complicated challenge. The present seems to require special attention not to reduce sales and to satisfy consumer demand.

The pandemic has slowed down international trade in certain items. Sellers will have to anticipate a lot to get them and incorporate them into their offering.

It is necessary to anticipate the realization of one or more orders with extra stock. Given the situation, transportation may take longer to arrive. It may even be that certain manufacturers have changed their commercial and billing protocol or their headquarters. It is better to avoid stock-outs due to logistical delays at all costs and it is recommended to create a light reserve warehouse for emergencies. If an item is difficult to find, you should seize the opportunity. It is time to demonstrate to consumers the quality and professionalism of the service offered compared to other companies.

Logistics planning services must be organized, alternative routes or other suppliers must be found to receive the merchandise. You cannot resort to the usual, you have to anticipate events as much as possible. It is a good option to analyze the global commercial position in relation to your own and the national one. Especially when it comes to the convenience sector.

The goal is to always be one step ahead of commercial demand. Entrepreneurs must know that offering what others do not have brings seriousness and competitiveness. Therefore, it is advisable to anticipate as much as possible to all logistics movements. This will score points in the coming times of great business activity.

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