The Christmas season is renowned for the numerous gatherings with friends and family where, apart from enjoying the company of friends and family, good food is enjoyed on a number of days in a row. 


This throws off the eating routine that we usually have during the rest of the year, sometimes even putting on a few extra kilos or causing stomach pains. So, here are some tips to help feed the body again, take time to look after yourself and get back into the routine habits that contribute to good health for most of the year.


  • Give your body what it needs by eating whole foods. Don’t “punish” it with a strict diet or extreme exercise. The liver is in charge of cleansing, so you could help it by cutting out sugar or alcohol for a month.
  • Plan your meals to avoid eating unhealthy foods and not having to think about what to cook. 
  • Go for a walk and get back to your daily sports routine, but not too much.
  • Drink plenty of water and herbal teas and avoid alcohol to help the body hydrate and recover.


In conclusion, get back to your eating routine by avoiding strict diets, exercising normally and drinking plenty of water to help the body cleanse itself naturally.

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