Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to shop online rather than physically. The convenience of one-click shopping from anywhere is one of the main reasons.

However, we need to be aware of cybercrime. There are online shops where we can be victims of fraud.

Cybercrime consists of criminal activities carried out through technological means attacking individuals, companies, entities of different types and governments. Most online frauds focus on obtaining the largest number of victims with the lowest possible investment. Within these practices we find fake online shops, where we can be victims of fraud. From buying products that never arrive or of poor quality, to the theft of our credit cards, personal or bank details.

In order to avoid online scams, we provide you with a series of tips when making your purchases:

1. Sometimes, the biggest attraction to attract customers is extraordinarily low prices. Compare prices with other websites before making any purchase.
2. Avoid using public wifi networks.
3. Look for online shops whose address starts with https.
4. Make sure there are several payment options. Choose Paypal or cash on delivery if you don’t trust the website.
5. Check shipping times: there are websites that do not ship to Spain or have shipping costs in excess of twenty euros.
6. Don’t save the payment method if the browser asks you, it is safer to enter your card details for each purchase.
7. Create a virtual card to put the exact price of the purchase, and thus prevent them from accessing the rest of your account.
8. If you are invited to click on a link, check that it matches the address it points to by typing the URL into your browser.
9. Use strong passwords, password managers or two-factor or multi-factor authentication systems.

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